The Cast

Let’s meet the cast of my life!

Suzanne, The Oilfield Wife
This OilField Wife



This is me, just as I am.  I love reading, Law & Order: SVU (I haven’t missed an episode yet), cooking, walking, playing with the dog, I’m a BzzAgent, learning to navigate the blog-o-sphere, Apple Products, coffee, movies, and I am currently working on writing my first novel.  I am a stay at home mom, and have been married to my husband for almost eleven years.



Kevin, The Husband
The Husband

This is the love of my life.  He has been working in the oilfield for almost twelve years now.  There have been times when we have gone for a few months without seeing him at all.  It’s not always the easiest way of life, but we manage and don’t really want it any other way right now.  He enjoys spending time with family, when work allows, his truck (1979 Ford F150 extended cab), playing with the dog, and doing everything in his power to make sure that we are taken care of and happy.  He supports me in all that I do and all that I want to do.  He is a great guy all around, and one of the best friends that anyone could ever ask for.

Bailey, The Daughter

This is my now fifteen year old daughter (I think she was eight in the picture, this just happens to be one of my favorite of her).  She is totally into the Twilight series, and has read all of the books, and seen (and bought) all of the movies so far.  She enjoys singing, music of all sorts, annoying her brother, texting on her phone, writing stories (pretty sure she gets that from me), seeing family, swimming, trying to come up with the next great invention, dancing, drinking hot chocolate (and coffee when we let her), trying to learn how to cook, mismatching her clothes and somehow pulling off the whole Punky Brewster look, being with her friends, and growing up.  It happens all too quickly.

Jacob, The Son
The Son

This is my fourteen year old son (he was eight in the picture, but this one captures so much of who he is).  He absolutely loves annoying his sister, helping his dad work on the truck, playing with the dog, swimming, riding his bike, playing with bugs, reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books over and over again (he has them all and has read them all several times over), watching movies, playing video games, hanging out with his friends, his GT classes, coming up with messy experiments, getting dirty, fishing (although he isn’t all that patient with it yet), playing board games with the family, eating me out of house and home, cracking jokes, and trying to insert himself into almost every conversation anyone is having with someone other than him.  My rough and tough little boy.


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  1. Julie Loftus

    April 20, 2014 at 4:15 am

    You guys might like a book that was recently published “MY DADDY WORKS ON AN OFFSHORE OIL RIG” available on


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