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Lunch With the Girls

I met up with some wonderful women, and fellow oilfield wives, for lunch today.  We went to Carino’s.  As soon as the last of our group showed up and ordered their drinks, the lights went out!  They lost all power.  The wind here is crazy today and has been causing electrical issues all day.

After a few minutes of no power, the natives were getting restless.  Finally, after the manager came over and personally told us what was going on and that he was sorry and would try and get everything taken care of as soon as possible, the lights came back on.  We ordered our food, and our silly little waitress was unsure how she was going to get us our soup and salads before the main course because their system was down.  You don’t know how to walk over there and make a salad and scoop some soup into a bowl and just add it onto the ticket later?  Really?

We finally got our food, and after much gabbing (what do you expect when you get a bunch of women together), we were all very full and ready to take a nap.  We paid our bills, said our goodbyes, and drove to our respective homes in this horrible wind, which, by the way, almost pushed me into a concrete barrier on the freeway.

Now I am sitting at home, with my wonderful husband, who goes back to work day after tomorrow, typing this up, and enjoying the last little bit of time that we have left together before his mistress takes him away again.

The Girls

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