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Married Too Young?

I always hear people saying things that just drive me insane!  Things like:

  • “You’re too young to know what love is.”
  • “You are only (insert young age here, like 18 or 22 or whatever).  You should be out having fun and not thinking of settling down.”
  • “If you get married right after high school it won’t last.”
  • “You shouldn’t be having kids, you’re just a kid yourself.”

And many other things like that.  I hear them on the radio, at the mall, on tv, friends talking to or about their kids, etc.  I must say this…IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!  Who are you to tell someone that they are too young to love someone?  Who are you to tell someone that their relationship won’t last because they are still a teenager or young adult?

I met my husband when I was a kid.  We grew up together.  We were like family.  I broke up with a guy that I had been planning a wedding with and he was going through a divorce.  We started hanging out as friends. One day we both realized that we were falling in love with each other.  I don’t know who fell for who first, but I do remember the first time I told him that I loved him.  He hadn’t said it, but I felt that I needed to.  For me.  I was so astonished and amazed and dumbfounded when he said it back.  That was nearly thirteen years ago.  I was seventeen.


Of course, I had all these people telling me all these crazy things.  The only thing I could say to them was sit back and watch.  Our daughter was born just a couple of weeks before I turned nineteen.  Our son was born just a few months after I turned twenty.  I was a young mother.  I am still happily married to their father, who just so happens to be the love of my life.  We recently “celebrated” (as much as you can when they are out of town) our eighth wedding anniversary.  I love this man more now than I did when I was seventeen and too young to know what love was.  My children, though they were born to a very young woman, are happy, healthy, well loved, and great children.  I know all parents say that about their kids, but I get compliments all the time from STRANGERS on how well mannered and behaved my kids are.

Do I think we got married too young?  No.  Do I think we got too serious too young?  No.  Do I think every relationship that people have at seventeen or so is the right relationship for them to be in for the rest of their lives?  No.  Do I think that we beat the odds?  Maybe.  Would I do anything differently?  Absolutely not.  But am I going to tell my daughter, or my son, when they are seventeen and feel like they are so in love with the person they are with and they feel they will be together forever that they don’t know what love is?  Am I going to tell them they are too young for a serious relationship?  No.

I just wanted to get that off my chest.  I feel a little bit better now.  Just remember, you might not think that the relationship you or someone you know has in high school will last, but you may be very very wrong.  We are still proving people wrong.


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