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It’s Not All Rainbows and Sprinkles

It’s Not All Rainbows and Sprinkles

So many people think the life of an oilfield wife is something glamorous and wonderful. While it does have it’s perks and it’s moments, it’s not all rainbows and sprinkles.

This past weekend, the kids, dog, and I made a last minute trip out west to spend time with the husband since they were out Monday for President’s Day. We left Friday afternoon after school let out. We don’t get many chances to make a weekend trip to see the husband so we take every one we get. Also, we got to celebrate the boy’s birthday a month later at the restaurant that he wanted his birthday dinner at. So, win win!

Anyway, of the 62 hours that we were in town, the husband was working for 18 of those hours, plus you gotta factor in sleeping. So we probably got to spend about 15 waking hours with him. And that’s being generous. I’m not complaining. We got to see him for 15 whole hours! That’s 15 more hours than we would have been able to spend with him had we not made the trip.

img_1892-jpgAnd here’s a picture of the dog doing what he does best.  Riding a forklift being a wireline boxer.  On his 7th birthday, no less!

So Monday, around noon, we loaded everything and everyone up in the car and headed to grab a bite to eat before hitting the road (me getting hangry with two teens who are also hangry in a car for four and a half hours is not something I’m sure any of us would have survived).

We made the long trek home, with the dog and kids sleeping most of the way. Once home, the girl complained that she wasn’t feeling great at all (she mentioned Monday morning that she was feeling a little crummy and her nose was all stuffed up and runny at the same time). She was running a little bit of a fever, but not enough that we wanted to treat it. I promised her a dose of NyQuil at bedtime. We had dinner and got cleaned up and ready for bed.

We woke up this morning, the girl still wasn’t feeling all that great but she felt like she could make it through the day at school and she wasn’t running a fever. What a trooper! The boy was excited to get back to school because he had track practice this afternoon. I took them to school and came home, made a cup of coffee, and got ready to start my day of doing laundry, planning the week’s menu, grocery shopping, and dog wrangling. One hour after school started, I got a phone call from the lady in the attendance office where my son goes. She said that his teacher had brought him down to the nurses station and as soon as he walked in she could tell he felt horrible and told him to go get his things while she called me to come get him. Sometimes living in a small town has it’s perks.

So I go fetch the boy and bring him home. He changes clothes, I take his temperature (it was a low grade fever), and he goes to lay down. He slept from around 10 this morning until about 7 tonight. Around noon or so I was not only suffering from a headache and a sore throat, but I was cold and couldn’t get warm. On a hunch, I took my temperature. While it was only a low grade fever, it was still a fever, and higher than either of the kids’ temperatures had been.

When it’s time for school to start letting out, I drag myself to the car, pick up the girl child, make a quick run to the grocery store for stuff for soup since we are all sick, and come home. The girl made dinner, chicken noodle soup, (it’s a school project she’s working on, and she was feeling better than anyone else here). Now we are all in our nightclothes watching tv (well, I’m listening to the tv, sipping some Yogi Tea, and typing all this up).


It’s almost bedtime, and while I’m looking forward to finally closing my eyes for the night and resting so I hopefully feel better tomorrow, I know that there’s a pretty good chance I’ll feel worse tomorrow, the girl will feel even better, and the boy is a toss up on being better or still being sick, and I’ll get to do it all on my own because my amazing husband is working his ass off four and a half hours away wishing he could be home to help me while I’m sick.

But this is what I do.  This is what my life is like.  This is what it’s like to be an oilfield wife.  I am Texas Proud and Oil Field Strong!IMG_1873.JPG.jpeg

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20 Things I Should Have Told My Husband

These are 20 Things that I should have told my husband before we got married, but I’m pretty sure he already knew them.

1.  I don’t shave my legs everyday!  Once a week in the spring and fall (usually summer, too), twice a week in the summer (if we are going to be outside a lot), and twice a month or so during the winter.

2.  I read a lot, and therefore require lots of bookcases, unless you want to find books all over the house.  And when I am given ample bookcases, I don’t sit in front of them to read so you will still find them all over the house (although not as bad as if I didn’t have the bookcases to store them in).

3.  I like to cook and experiment in the kitchen.  And we will eat it (or fast food if it’s really bad!).

4.  I like sex.  So contrary to popular belief, it WILL NOT stop after we get married.  You will be the one saying, “Not tonight.”

5.  I am not your servant.  I do for you because I want to, not because I have to.  If you come to expect it, you will be doing it yourself.

6.  I am not Martha Stewart.  I didn’t graduate from Stepford College.  Our house will not be spotless, but it won’t be trashy, either.  There will not be handmade decorations or a six course meal on the table every night.

7.  I love attention.  I love to be held and I love to be pet.  I love to snuggle.

8.  I wrap myself in the covers and will put up a huge fight in order to keep most of them.  If you need more than a sliver, get your own!

9.  I have lots of weird habits and thoughts.  They often seem to come out of left field for people who don’t live in my head.  I have to eat candy pieces two at a time and one color at a time.  I eat the food on my plate one kind at a time.  And I am not really as organized as I seem.

10.  I like to take pictures, as long as I am the one behind the camera.

11.  I write lots of lists and nonesense.  I write on whatever paper I can find lying around.  It will generally still be lying around when you find it and can’t make sense of what is written.

12.  I have really weird dreams.  I write them down in a composition book I keep by the bed.  You can read them, but please don’t try to analyze them.  They would freak out Stephen King and Dean Koontz.  They could make lots of money for made-for-tv-movies on the SciFi channel.  But I write them down for me.  Not them.

13.  I watch chickflicks.  Lots of them.  I also like to watch LMN and Lifetime.  Yup.  That’s right.  The channels that you like to refer as TMHC (The Man Hater Channels).

14.  I enjoy getting all dressed up.  Sometimes for no reason, sometimes to make you sit up and take notice.  I know you like it.  Just make sure to let me know sometimes and I will do it more often.

15.  No matter what I say, I LOVE compliments.  Please give them freely.  You will be nicely rewarded.

16.  I am NOT a morning person.  I am grouchy and cranky before I’ve had that first cup of coffee.  Please do not expect to wake me up and me be in the best mood ever.  It will NOT happen.  Ever.

17.  It really is the little things that count.  I love getting those phone calls that go like this:

ME: Hello?
YOU: Hey.  Just wanted to all and say I love you.
ME: I love you, too.
YOU: Talk to you later; bye!

18.  I may be a prissy girl at some point, but I still love to get all down and dirty in the mud (I love to go off roading) or all greasy working under the hood of a car.  I might not know what I’m doing, but I love to learn.

19.  I like long baths.  I like them even more when they are uninterrupted.  I love my “me” time.

20.  Movies.  I am a movie junkie.  I’ve seen more movies than you could imagine.  I can quote movies like you wouldn’t believe.  So don’t be surprised if I spout off with a quote from a movie if I deem it appropriate, and don’t be surprised if you want to see a movie and then find out I’ve already seen it.

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On My Way to a Better, Slimmer, Fitter, Healthier (and Hotter) Me!

So this is totally in NO WAY oilfield related, other than the fact that my husband works in the oilfield and I will mention him towards the end of the post.

So, I posted a while back out the Color Me Rad 5K that the kids and I have registered for.  I also said that I really needed to start training for it because I am so out of shape because I really haven’t worked out at all (other than housework and chasing the kids around and playing with the dog) since we moved to San Antonio.  So I’ve been working out on the elliptical (hahaha, yeah, right) over the past week or so.  Or rather, I’ve been knocking a little dust off of it.  I was working my way through the preprogramed level 1 workout.  At least, I was trying to.  I would get a little over five minutes into it and have to stop.  I would reach the level 8 resistance and just not be able to continue on any farther.  Friday, I actually completed the entire level 1 workout!  Woohoo!  Go me!  Oh, yeah.  I showed that elliptical that I was the boss, not him!

Also, Friday, I started another challenge to go along with the elliptical training.  I found it on  So far, I’m doing pretty well.  I know it’s supposed to be for March and this is April, but I like this one instead of the legs one they are doing this month over there.  Here’s the calendar:


I didn’t want to do the leg one they are doing, because a friend of mine challenged us (a group of ladies in a private group on Facebook) to a 30 Day Squat Challenge.  This is what it looks like:

30 Day Squat Challenge

Only, I blacked out the picture of the chick’s naked butt and put in my website and Twitter name.  Well, the website this will be in another week, anyway.  🙂  Which is probably LONG before people will read this post. I’m telling you, I am one boring person.

So, suffice it to say, my legs HURT!  I took today off (at least from the elliptical) because of it.  I don’t want to push myself to hard or too far and hurt myself.  But I did do the squats (I’m only on Day 3, so it’s a good thing tomorrow is a rest day for that) and I did do Day 4 (which is resting, thank goodness) of the Abs one.  I’m telling you, I am going to finish this 5K in record time.  Although, that won’t be too hard to do since this will be my first ever 5K and therefore the record setting one.  Haha!

I am also planning on starting the Couch to 5K app this weekend, with the kids since they will be doing the 5K with me.  I can’t wait!  I think it is going to be so much fun, and will be so rewarding and the feeling of accomplishment will be so great once we cross that finish line.

My oh so wonderful husband is totally supporting me through all of this.  He is celebrating my little victories (I sent him a picture of the elliptical’s display after I finished the workout) with me, even if it’s just a Woohoo!! and an imagined (on my part) Happy Dance since he’s out on location and all.  (See, I told you my husband would be mentioned, and therefore the oilfield as well, at the end of this post.)  I just hope that he will be home the 30 of June, which is the day of the 5K, to cheer me and the kids on.  I am super stoked!  I’m also ready to start seeing some of the amazing side effects that I know are coming with all of this extra (please read that without the word extra) working out I’m doing.  He is going to have one smoking hot wife this summer!  I’m working on hanging up my swimsuit in front of the elliptical for a little extra motivation.  I am feeling great (except for the sore muscles, but even those aren’t too bad since I know that it’s going to be worth it on so many levels in the end) and ready for more!

Care to join me in the 30 Day Squat Challenge, or even the Six-Pack March one?

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