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I’ve Blogged Before

It’s true.  This isn’t my first try at blogging.  I used to have a blog on another site.  Shocking, I know.  In my defense, though, I didn’t know about WordPress.  Anyway, I was pretty regular over there for a while, and it’s been years since I’ve used it.  I all but forgot about it.  Just a couple of days ago I signed into the account, and was shocked to find that I couldn’t blog there.  I needed to upgrade the site or something (I’m not real literate when it comes to know what the computer language is trying to tell me) and when I clicked the link, it said that there’s no such thing.  I was able to download an archive file folder, though.  So, guess what I’ll be doing over the next few days?  That’s right!  Importing all of the files!


If some show up and you decide to read them, yay!  If not, I get that, too.  I’ll be checking them all out, one by one, before I let them go live or anything, but I think it’ll be fun to go through and see what I was like a few years ago.  Time to jump on in and see what’s down the hole.

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Hello, World!

I am setting up this blog, and hopefully over the next week or so will get most of my posts moved over here.  The other site I was using just keeps crashing…

So if I am blowing up your email inbox, or your Facebook, or your Twitter, or any other way you view and/or hear about my blog posts, I’m sorry.  Bear with me just a little longer and it will be a lot less crowded by me.  Promise!

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