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Horror Movies and Me

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a horror movie freak. I’ve seen the major ones, like Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Night of the Living Dead, It, and many many others. I’ve also seen more than my fair share of B rated horror movies just because I love the horror genre that much.


Want a little idea at how much I love them? I was talking to The Husband one night on the phone and our conversation went like this.

Him: “I wonder what I’m watching. It’s on the SyFy channel, so there’s no telling what it is.”

Me: chuckling a little bit, “You’re right. There is no telling. What’s happening?”

Him: “This couple pulled into this abandoned gas station and then left. But when they left you can see the attendant guy’s dead body some and this little kid was hiding and watching them.”

Me: “Hmmm. Sounds like Children of the Corn. And about fifteen other possible horror movies.”

I then proceed to pull up the guide on my tv and find the SyFy channel to let him know what he’s watching (he doesn’t get a guide in his room at the man camp/apartment/bachelor pad out west).

Me: starts laughing hysterically

Him: “Whats so funny?”

Me: “I pulled up the guide, giggle giggle, to tell you what your watching, hahaha!”

Him: “And? What is it?”

Me: “You’re not going to believe this, chuckle chuckle, but it’s totally, giggle giggle, Children of the Corn! Hahahahaha!”

Him: joins me in laughing, “You’ve seen way too many horror movies.”

Me: “You take that back. There’s no such thing as too many horror movies!”


So you see, I love them. Some people, cough cough The Husband, think it’s crazy. Other people, cough cough The Daughter, share my love of them.

Recently, last night in fact, I had the brilliant idea to combine my love of horror movies with my joy of crocheting. I rarely make things for myself. I usually make things for other people. This idea came to me, actually, while I was surfing the web for ideas for an afghan for The Daughter. In order to do what I want, it’s going to take some time and dedication on my part, and a little help from everyone else out there in Cyber Land, which lead us to this post.

What’s your favorite scary movie?


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A New Year, A New Beginning

2016 is upon us.  2016 is here.  It is time for resolutions.  It is time for fresh starts and new beginnings.  It is a time for hope.  It is a time for plans.  It is a time to start over.  It is a clean slate.

new year 2016

2016 is going to hold several things for me.  I am going to be blogging more.  I know I’ve said that several times before, but don’t forget about that clean slate part.  I am also going to be issuing challenges to you all throughout the year, with the first being my very own Reading Challenge.  Yes, I will be doing the challenge but there may be prizes in it for you, my beautiful readers, when you complete this challenge, or any others you find interesting throughout the year.

First things first, though.  I’ve been gone for a while so how about we have some introductions again?  I’ll go first, seeing as how it’s my job to write things for you to read.  Ok.  Here we go.

Ahem.  I am Suzanne, known around some interwebz parts as ThisOilfieldWife and/or ThisOilfieldWife05.  You can follow me on Facebook at or on Twitter @thisoilfieldwife05.  I would love to talk with you on more than just here, so what are you waiting for?  Just jump on over and give me a like or a follow then come back to keep reading.  It’s ok.  I’ll wait.

Right.  Welcome back!  Shall I continue my introduction now?  Where was I?  I’m in my early thirties (high five to all my fellow dirty thirties ladies and gents out there) and have been married to my amazing hardworking oilfield husband for over ten years.  We have been together for just over fifteen years and we have two beautiful children together.  He is gone so much more than he is home, but this is the life we chose and we embrace it, though we may not always feel like giving it a smile, we fake it anyway.

I have dreams of one day becoming a published author.  I will spend this upcoming year toiling away at the keyboard to finish my novel and start the next.  I would love to be successful and be able to eventually hit the best seller’s list, but first I must write.  Pound out the words and the characters that swim around in my head talking to me and each other all the time.

Enough about me, though.  Tell me a little bit about yourself?  Like, what is your favorite genre of book to read?  What is your favorite color?  What is your favorite song?  Tell me the name of your favorite song and I will go listen to it right now.  Promise.

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Super Quick Update

It’s been almost a year, but sometimes that’s how life in the oilfield goes.  I think it’s getting ready to slow down a bit for me, although life with my kids might not.  

Since last year, we have since moved again.  I am now calling West Texas home.  

I don’t have internet here at the house, yet.  I am trying to find the right company to get it from.  So far, all I have found is limited data usage.  Um, that doesn’t quite work for my household.

I’ll be writing posts on my computer and connecting via a mobile hotspot (that does’t work the bestest by any means) to upload them and post them.  

I do post on Twitter a little more often, so you can follow me there, too.  There’s a button on here somewhere for that.  

How has life been with you over the past year?

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Hello, World!

I am setting up this blog, and hopefully over the next week or so will get most of my posts moved over here.  The other site I was using just keeps crashing…

So if I am blowing up your email inbox, or your Facebook, or your Twitter, or any other way you view and/or hear about my blog posts, I’m sorry.  Bear with me just a little longer and it will be a lot less crowded by me.  Promise!

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