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On My Way to a Better, Slimmer, Fitter, Healthier (and Hotter) Me!

So this is totally in NO WAY oilfield related, other than the fact that my husband works in the oilfield and I will mention him towards the end of the post.

So, I posted a while back out the Color Me Rad 5K that the kids and I have registered for.  I also said that I really needed to start training for it because I am so out of shape because I really haven’t worked out at all (other than housework and chasing the kids around and playing with the dog) since we moved to San Antonio.  So I’ve been working out on the elliptical (hahaha, yeah, right) over the past week or so.  Or rather, I’ve been knocking a little dust off of it.  I was working my way through the preprogramed level 1 workout.  At least, I was trying to.  I would get a little over five minutes into it and have to stop.  I would reach the level 8 resistance and just not be able to continue on any farther.  Friday, I actually completed the entire level 1 workout!  Woohoo!  Go me!  Oh, yeah.  I showed that elliptical that I was the boss, not him!

Also, Friday, I started another challenge to go along with the elliptical training.  I found it on  So far, I’m doing pretty well.  I know it’s supposed to be for March and this is April, but I like this one instead of the legs one they are doing this month over there.  Here’s the calendar:


I didn’t want to do the leg one they are doing, because a friend of mine challenged us (a group of ladies in a private group on Facebook) to a 30 Day Squat Challenge.  This is what it looks like:

30 Day Squat Challenge

Only, I blacked out the picture of the chick’s naked butt and put in my website and Twitter name.  Well, the website this will be in another week, anyway.  🙂  Which is probably LONG before people will read this post. I’m telling you, I am one boring person.

So, suffice it to say, my legs HURT!  I took today off (at least from the elliptical) because of it.  I don’t want to push myself to hard or too far and hurt myself.  But I did do the squats (I’m only on Day 3, so it’s a good thing tomorrow is a rest day for that) and I did do Day 4 (which is resting, thank goodness) of the Abs one.  I’m telling you, I am going to finish this 5K in record time.  Although, that won’t be too hard to do since this will be my first ever 5K and therefore the record setting one.  Haha!

I am also planning on starting the Couch to 5K app this weekend, with the kids since they will be doing the 5K with me.  I can’t wait!  I think it is going to be so much fun, and will be so rewarding and the feeling of accomplishment will be so great once we cross that finish line.

My oh so wonderful husband is totally supporting me through all of this.  He is celebrating my little victories (I sent him a picture of the elliptical’s display after I finished the workout) with me, even if it’s just a Woohoo!! and an imagined (on my part) Happy Dance since he’s out on location and all.  (See, I told you my husband would be mentioned, and therefore the oilfield as well, at the end of this post.)  I just hope that he will be home the 30 of June, which is the day of the 5K, to cheer me and the kids on.  I am super stoked!  I’m also ready to start seeing some of the amazing side effects that I know are coming with all of this extra (please read that without the word extra) working out I’m doing.  He is going to have one smoking hot wife this summer!  I’m working on hanging up my swimsuit in front of the elliptical for a little extra motivation.  I am feeling great (except for the sore muscles, but even those aren’t too bad since I know that it’s going to be worth it on so many levels in the end) and ready for more!

Care to join me in the 30 Day Squat Challenge, or even the Six-Pack March one?

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Sore Muscles Will Pay Off

So, I posted the other day about starting training for an upcoming 5K in my area, the Color Me Rad 5K.  I am so excited to actually do this 5K.  I started training for it yesterday, and boy do I feel it today!

I have downloaded both the C25K® – 5K Trainer FREE – Zen Labs app and the 5K Runner: 0 to 5K run training – Clear Sky Apps LTD app. I was afraid that if I just started right in on using one of those apps, I wouldn’t be able to even really get through the first day of it since I have been pretty inactive since me moved back in June of last year. I know that if I failed to successfully complete just the first day, the easiest day, I would become discouraged and possibly just give up. So this week, instead, I am working out a little at the house and will start with those apps next week.

I weighed myself yesterday morning, and took two pictures that will become my “Before” pictures, to be posted alongside my “After” pictures once the 5K is done. I know that I will be slimmer, trimmer, firmer, and more fit by then. I have a couple of things that I am doing at home right now, though. First, I generally watch one or two full tv shows a day (depending on the day, give or take one either way), so I am using a TV Commercial Workout Plan for those episodes. It may not be much, but it’s more than I was doing last week. Here’s what that plan looks like:

I’m also using another app that I downloaded (for free) to my laptop. Personal Workout – AppicDesignhas been working my butt off (hopefully I’ll see those results soon!) yesterday and today. My legs were sore today from yesterday’s workout, and my arms were a little bit heavier. I pushed through the pain, though, and finished another workout today! Tomorrow I will do a different one, and will continue to alternate them until I start using one of the 5K specific apps. I am hoping to be able to do the 5K training those days, and then use the Personal Workout on the other days. I hope that made sense. It did in my head, anyway.

So today my legs still feel like jelly, my arms feel like lead, and later this afternoon I am going to have one of the kids time me for Planking. I am going to start doing a PlankADay (Thanks, Slim, for the idea) and gradually work my time up on those. She is up to over six minutes a day! Way to go!

The closer to finishing the 5K training apps I get, or once I finish those training apps all together, I am going to start working my way up to this pretty picture that someone posted this morning on one of the Facebook groups I am a member of:

Looks pretty brutal, huh? When I finish my 5K training, and running the actual 5K, and I can successfully do The Ninety-Nine, I will feel as if I have really accomplished something and will feel so much better about myself. I can’t wait!

Do you want to take this journey with me?


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A New Beginning! A New Me!

It’s official.  I am a fat, lazy, out of shape American.  I haven’t really done too much physical activity since we moved to San Antonio.  Before we moved, I was going to tae kwon do a couple of times a week and I slimmed down quite a bit.  I even went to a special Tuff Girls class for a while and toned up even more.  But now I am so out of shape it’s not even funny.  I’ve been trying to motivate myself to get up off my rump and do something about it.  I just haven’t really found the motivation or inspiration that I needed.  Until now!

I’ve read several things about a 5K called Color Me Rad.  I’ve even seen a few of my friends on Facebook post after they have participated in, and finished, this particular 5K.  I’ve been a little jealous.  Come to find out, there’s a Color Me Rad 5K here in San Antonio at the end of June!  So guess who is going to start training tomorrow for it?  That’s right!  This chick right here!!  Oh, yeah!  It’s going to be weeks and weeks of hard grueling make me want to fall down dead work, but it will be so worth it to cross that finish line!

Tomorrow, before I start training, I will take a Before picture (because I know that along this journey I will tone up and slim down and look better than I have in years!), although I won’t be posting it for a while.  Not until I have a nice little After picture to post right along side it.

I will be making a new Category here on the blog for my personal training/toning/weightloss/whatever you want to call it journey.  This will be the first of SEVERAL posts (most of them probably whining about how much it hurts and how I just want to quit) that will go there.  I hope you enjoy this journey with me.  Hell, jump in and start your own!  You never know, one day that ONE 5K that you just can’t pass up could be coming to your town soon.  Get ready for it!


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