Oh, The Places I Have Been!

14 Jun

When my husband first started working in the oilfield, about nine years ago, I didn’t realize just how much we would move around.  I knew there would be a little moving, but not as much as there has been.

We were living in Fort Worth, Texas when he hired on with the oilfield.  That moved us to College Station, Texas.  We spent two wonderful years down there.  I must say, up until just very recently, it was probably my favorite place that we lived.  It was home to the Fighting Texas Aggies.  For a college town it was surprisingly peaceful.  I loved it.  It had enough amenities of the big town living, still mingled with small town life.  It just held a magic for me that I can’t describe.  We would travel back to Fort Worth on his weekends off to visit family.  It was a lot of driving, but it wasn’t too bad.

After two years in College Station, the company he worked for opened up a shop in Alvarado, Texas, just south of Fort Worth.  If he transferred to the new shop, a promotion came with it.  So we packed up and headed back home.  We bought a house in a small suburb south of Fort Worth in Crowley, Texas.  We saw family a lot more often.  Both of my children started school, one year right after the other.  We were happy.  It was great.  We spent three years there.  Then it happened again…

He lost his job and hired on with another company.  The catch…the new company was located just southeast of Pittsburgh…Pennsylvania.  He headed up there to get started working and trying to find us a place to live while I packed up our house and did what I could from 1,500 miles away to help him try and find us a house.  After nearly two months apart, it was time for us to leave.  School was starting back up in Texas and we only had about two weeks before school started up in Pennsylvania.  The kids and I loaded up some toys and clothes in my truck and off we went to start this new chapter of our lives.

We lived in a small town northwest of Pittsburgh called Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.  The house we lived in sat on about three acres that we were responsible for in the middle of corn and hay fields.  It was stunning!  It was beautiful!  Then winter came.  Everything was white white white everywhere you looked.  Come to find out, our first winter there was a record breaking winter.  We had snow drifts in our yard that were six to eight feet deep.  There were days that my husband had to call in to work because the snow was so deep he couldn’t get his four wheel drive company truck out of our driveway.  Yet, we survived.  We didn’t see much of family.  Not hardly any at all.  We were almost all we had up there.  My mom and stepdad moved in with us while he worked with my husband.  They were there for about six months before they moved back to Texas.  Then my sister and nephew lived with us, also for about six months or so.  Then we all moved back home.  Kevin had gotten another job with another company because the one he was with wouldn’t transfer him back to Texas.  He was ready to be home.  So after two beautiful years in Pennsylvania, we were loading back up and moving again.

We landed in East Texas in a town just south of Tyler called Flint, Texas.  Since we were back home we saw family more again.  We lived in a small duplex right by Lake Palestine right on the border of Smith County and I don’t even remember the county next to us anymore.  We met some new friends, the kids went to yet another new school, and we even saw foxes.

I bet you’ll never guess what happened next.  That’s it.  We moved yet again.

Now we are located in South Texas on the northwest side of San Antonio.  We’ve been to the Riverwalk.  We drive by Sea World all the time, though we haven’t gone yet.  The kids started another new school.  We may not see our family as much now as we did when we lived in Tyler, but we are two more hours away than we were there.  We still see them.  We are even trying to make it where we go up to visit about once every other month.  Now that school is out we are going to be a little more flexible on when we can go visit, but of course that all depends on my husband’s work schedule, too.

All in all, in nine years we have changed towns five times for the oilfield.  The kids have mastered being the “new kid” at school.  I have mastered packing and unpacking in nearly record breaking time.  We adapt very well to wherever the oilfield sends us.


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2 responses to “Oh, The Places I Have Been!

  1. Amber

    October 27, 2013 at 9:52 pm

    SOOO Happy I came across this post!!! I’m a fairly new oilfield wife, 1 1/2. We have moved twice, and about to move for the third time in Jan. We homeschool which helps with school transition but my daughter that is almost 9 said I don’t want to meet any friends the next time we move b/c I’ll just have to leave again. SOO HARD… And do you find that living in a rental is best? HAve you tried Travel Trailer life??? We are contemplating it!

    • ThisOilfieldWife

      October 28, 2013 at 9:36 am

      Welcome to this wild ride we call the Oilfield Life. All the moving is hard, but the children are young enough that they have adjusted and they love to tell their new friends all about the places they have lived and the things they have seen. They are now 10 and 12. Since my daughter started middle school this year, and my son will start next year, we have temporarily put down roots where we are. My husband and I decided long ago that once they hit middle school and high school, no matter where he goes we will stay put until they graduate. We were buying a house at one point, but had to move. We have rented ever since. I do enjoy the renting part, as it is easier to find a house and get into it when we transfer. However, since I am here for the next eight years or so, we are once again talking about buying a house within the next couple of years down here. We haven’t tried the travel trailer life. We have too many pets for that to be possible since we feel that they are a part of the family and couldn’t do away with them, even if it was to family and/or friends. I did have a friend that did that for a while, with her two children, and she said it drove them all crazy being in such close quarters all the time. I think that if you want it to work, you can and will make it work. It takes a strong woman, and man, and children, to live this life successfully. Just know, that no matter what, you are not alone. If you are feeling or thinking something, I can pretty much guarantee you that there is someone else out that that has felt or thought the same exact thing at one point or another.


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